Trustworthy, delicious food from the local farmer's gate to your plate

Righteous food delivered to your home directly from small-batch, mid-atlantic farmers


Patches of Earth exists to connect local mid-atlantic farmers and involved eaters nationwide by providing a convenient distribution solution that allows these groups to connect beyond the in-person market. Our vendors are universally committed to the most transparent, wholesome farming practices that ensure that the quality of our products is never sacrificed for industrial efficiency. We do this with an eye towards establishing replicable farming models that facilitate resilient and lasting regional food systems nationwide.


Transparent - We strive for customers to understand where their food comes from and how it got there.

Resilient - We work hard so that local farmers and involved eaters can sustainably thrive together from one harvest to the next.

Convenient - Involved eaters receive the best food quickly with none of the guesswork. Farmers can focus on farming.

Reliable - We are who we say we are and do what we say we do.

✔ Transparency     ✔ Resiliency ✔ Convenient ✔ Reliable

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Our Story

Jen Gagnon and Bev Eggleston have spent decades bringing the best local products to chefs and eaters from NYC to Charleston. Jen and Bev have found that our customers, "Involved Eaters", need an easy way to find and buy from “Passionate Farmers”. 

In an era where the industrial agriculture system in the U.S. contributes to problematic supply chain issues, burdening local farmers and thus producing poisonous foods, we created Patches of Earth to solve these problems.

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