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Our Story

We started Patches of Earth with a simple goal: Empower passionate farmers to connect with involved eaters. Starting as a small family farm, we have evolved to partner with other local farmers from across the mid-atlantic so customers can get their favorite eco-friendly foods delivered fresh to their doorstep and farmers can focus on farming.

In the United States, many argue that the industrial agricultural complex produces food that is making our population sick. Additionally, the size and scale of the agricultural system makes it vulnerable to points of failure that jeopardize our population's food supply and health.

Our goal is to return to the way food is supposed to be eaten; traditional farming practices that prioritize the well-being of the animals, soil, and the eater. This style of farming is only possible through the passionate work of many small, local, artisanal farmers who produce a quality of product that simply cannot be achieved on an industrial scale.

If we as a population want to have authentic, eco-friendly, delicious, nutritious food to eat for ourselves and future generations, we must become Involved Eaters to facilitate the success of Passionate Farmers.

Involved Eaters
are those who purchase eco-friendly food to invest in resilient food systems for themselves, farmers, and the earth.

Passionate Farmers
are those who work to feed their community the highest quality food because they are able to earn the resources required to do so.
Prior to now, the primary avenue for these two groups to benefit from each other is through geographically limited in-person markets. So, Patches of Earth was created to empower passionate farmers to connect with involved eaters by providing essential logistics and distribution channels that allow these farmers to get their products to a broader audience of customers. We are revolutionizing the outdated and inefficient model of reliance on markets and pop-ups by delivering wholesome food directly to your doorstep.

We see it as our sacred responsibility to make sure communities across the United States have access to food produced with transparent, wholesome farming practices with the amazing taste and nutrition that food should have. We want farmers to have the resources they need to succeed and customers to have the best tasting, nutritious, eco-friendly foods humans deserve.

When involved eaters have access to the food they want and farmers have an expedient way to sell their products, we can build resilient local food systems that feed our country and treat our planet better.