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Our Story

Patches of Earth was founded by our owners who spent decades bringing the best local products to chefs and customers around the Mid-Atlantic food scene and beyond.

What we've found is that our customers, Involved Eaters, need an easy way to find and buy from “Passionate Farmers” who ethically and humanely raise/grow delicious food. We at Patches of Earth understand how challenging and often times overwhelming it can be to find local food that you can trust is raised in a way that matches your values and you are proud to feed your friends and family.

Said another way, it's confusing to wade through the different labels like Organic, non-GMO, sustainably raised, pasture raised, regenerative, grass-fed, and on and on and on....

We get it! It shouldn't be this hard so we've done the heavy lifting for you.

We went out and got together with our best friends and farmers from the local food community, made their products available for you here on this site, and figured out a way to get their products into your hands that's most convenient for you! We're so thankful that you've joined us here at Patches of Earth and we hope we're part of your table and your family for years to come!